Smart Asset Management System

An intelligent, smart and comprehensive management system which can handle complete life cycle, movements, ownerships, hierarchy, consumables, depreciation , service etc. of assets. The system can deal with wide variety of assets like IT hardware, software, network accessories, furniture, fixtures etc. It helps to manage location, manufacturer, vendor and warranty details of each and every assets. SAMS software suite have two applications – Normal web application and Android smart device application.

Web Application

  • Web application provides user friendly interfaces to capture assets, barcode printing utility, reports, graphs etc. The system can be used to track the movements and ownership of assets. Auto email alert functionalities like “Warranty Expire Alert” will help the user to act proactively.

Smart Device Application - MobiAsset

  • Combining hand-held smart device software (MobiAsset) with a web application ensures smart and easy way to use the application. MobiAsset makes possible to get the whole details of the asset through the barcode reader. It also enables fast and reliable asset auditing. The option to capture Asset pictures reduces lot of manual efforts. Locations and photos can be assigned to an asset from the site itself using MobiAsset app by scanning barcode which will result to minimum errors and ensure maximum efficiency.

An Intelligent Document Caring System

LiveDocServer (LDS) is an intelligent and comprehensive document management solution than can help an organisation to capture, catalogue, track and archive the documents and offers fast and easy retrieval of documents as and when required. It supports all formats, PDF, Tiff, Word, Excel, CAD, Emails, and more; unlike paper copies, electronic documents can be shared with clients, colleagues, etc.

Smart Search

  • Safe and Powerful search
  • Document content and meta data search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
  • Scalable Document Search Engine
  • Efficient, effective, fast and User friendly search capability.

High Security

System has a capability to set multiple levels of access security. User or user roles permissions can be defined on metadata, library and views levels.

User Dashboard

Dashboard provides easy navigation links to the libraries, views, favorites etc.

Version Control

System archives previous versions of documents and metadata, but only the latest version will be available in front. Old version will be accessible on demand.

Document Scan

Ability to scan the document, option to scan destination and index directly from the panel.

Multiple Sources

LDS provides option to upload documents from various sources like Scanner, Manual Upload, Bulk Upload, Automated Process for Mass Uploading, Mobile Applications and Web Services

Ease of Use

Easy to use Interfaces and utilities.

Metadata Driven

Metadata can be associated to each document and it contains information about the documents which helps to search and locate documents fast and efficiently.

Dynamic Views

Users can create views by themselves using their own search criteria and it can be saved in user profiles. These views can be shared with other individuals, teams or globally. Views’ permissions can also be set.

File Types

Supports all formats, PDF, Tiff, Word, Excel, CAD, Emails, and more.

Third Party Software Integration

LiveDocServer offers service oriented APIs and Web Services which can be used by third party software to communicate and integrate with LiveDocServer system.

Document Indexing

System provides indexing on all documents by indexing on metadata, doc versions, contents etc..

Web-Based & Mobile Compatible

Web based Application, no need to install in individual PCs. The system can be accessed using any standard browsers like Internet Explorer , Google Chrome etc.The mobile friendly and responsive interfaces enhances the accessibility of application through out the various devices.


Contract Management System

Contract Management System helps the organization to streamline and automate the tendering and contracting processes and procedures. The system manages the complete lifecycle of tendering and contracting management processes like Pre-Tender, Tender Period, Technical Evaluation, Commercial Evaluation, Tender Award and Contract Execution. Easy-to-Use and intelligent interfaces help the user to accomplish his/her work efficiently and effectively. The system provides auto alerts and emails to notify concerned parties to act on their tasks and duties on time according to defined workflow. The system has a capability to configure and customize its workflows as per the customer requirements.


eCall-Off is an inbuilt tracking tool available with CMS which can be used to manage and automate call off service orders issued by an organization to its contractors. Contract holders can create call off request with estimated amount and other relevant details and system will send emails to the concerned contractor with the required details. Upon the completion of work, contract holder can enter actual invoice amount in the system. A contract’s details will be available only to its contract holder or its designated people.


Conflict of Interest Reporting

The purpose of Conflict of Interest Reporting is to ensure clarity and transparency in dealing with internal and external persons, entities and organizations. Also the employees responsible to follow the standards of business ethics and avoid any activity or interest that might reflect unfavourably upon their own integrity, or upon the integrity of the Company.