H S E Solutions


A comprehencive app suite for health & safety

PetroHSE helps to handle the data and workflows related to Health and Safety in an organisation. Effective and efficient management of entire activities and processes of HSE department improves the overall performance of company by minimizing the operation risks, LTIs and RTAs. PetroHSE promotes the behavior based safety (BBS) which improves employee health & welfare, job satisfaction, employee retention rates etc.


Dashboard helps the organisation to broadcast and present its HSE policies, activities, News, Events, photos, statistics etc to its employees and contractors. Dashboard can be used to display HSE statistics, LTI counts, HSE team hierarchy etc. Videos, Documents and quick links etc can be accessed and viewed directly from Dashboard. The content management features of dashboard helps the organisation to manage and configure dashboard contents very easily. Apart from the above functionalities, it offers direct navigation to the other modules like, SPORT, Competency Matrix, Action Tracker etc. In addition to the Main Dashboard, each module has its own dashboard to showcase each module’s data and workflow status.


This is an intuitive application for logging managing and automating HSE observations and reports. It comes with a feature of comments and checklists. This systems' primary objective is to eliminate incidents and injuries by observing people and intervening in their unsafe actions and helps promote safe behaviour as part of health and safety management.

Incident Management

The incident management system is exclusively used for profound reporting and managing HSE incidents used in investigating the root causes of all occurrences and track the corrective actions. Whether the most insignificant or significant incidents/accidents, the system helps in tracking the incident impact, whether finance, environmental, workplace injury, security breach and damage with dynamic comprehensive and fully integrated system which links to HSE tools like action tracker, SPORT etc, to support sustainable operations which favours intelligent operations with effective notifications and alert.

Action Tracker

The tool designed to help corporate HSE department to track and manage the actions assigned to individual / department effectively, guides and restricts the procedures to be followed for actions related to HSE. The sources of HSE actions being an incident, observation, audit etc, it is also linked to other HSE applications like SPORT & incident management.


  • Incident reporting and notification
  • Root cause investigation & analysis
  • Problem linking
  • Manage & track corrective actions
  • Review verification and closure
  • Search & reports.

Competency Matrix

Developed to track and manage the competencies of employees and contractors of the organization, this tool can also be used by the employees and contractors to capture their HSE competencies and roles which checks the validity of each competency and role which comes with an automated with intelligent alert system , giving alerts before expiry. The system helps in managing the workflow which enables the employees to apply for various HSE courses, which is verified and approved by HSE managers. On approval by the HSE team the system forwards the request to various institutions from which the employees can choose from.

Petro ePermit

A potent and systematized digital solution to automate activities of permit to work workflow by tracking actions and responsibilities of the team involved.it manages various phases of work permit like permit request, permit certificates, risk assessment, analysis & authorization, validation, control& monitoring, cancellation and archival etc.

Journey Management

This is an exclusive module which includes all dynamic features of the HSE. It is incorporated with some unique features like storing large quantities of hard copies of real time data and can be easily located and identified smarter with QR code and barcode. For example drivers and passengers can update the journey statuses while travelling via mobile apps. Driver can fill in pre journey checklist by using smart devices which will eliminate errors and save time and effort. Auto reminders and scheduled email alerts will play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and behavioural management for safety.

HSE Audit

No HSE management is complete without a structural and systematic verification and cross examination of the system performance and timely feedback is a must to entertain continuous performance improvement. The organization needs to assess whether the organization and the employees comply with the policy and regulations laid by the safety rules. Aids in checking accurate implementing of the laws and bylaws and communicate valuable information to proactively manage the situation.


A self-learning experience with training and advantage of proactive learning through e learning feature. Employees will keep themselves updated with the new technology and vital information catering to better safety and maintenance aspects. The course contents or the study materials can be modified according to policy of government and organization.

Features and Functionalities
  • Auto alert and notification
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Drill down charts and reports
  • Options to initiate actions from other system HSE systems
  • Smart intelligent and automated workflows
  • Highly user friendly
  • Fully web designed and enabled
  • Worksite location maps
  • Inbuilt document management and permit archival
  • QR code and barcode technology
  • Smartest way of capturing and storing real time data (include: videos, images).
  • Push notification system.
  • Employee profile management
  • Training institutions and competencies