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Intelligent Corporate Data Management System

Intelligent Corporate Data Management System (iCDMS) is an all-in-one solution for managing your corporate well data with focus on the subsurface portfolio and well delivery process. By incorporating with Electronic Document Management System, iCDMS provides an integrated solution for managing data with well file documents. Graphical representations of most datasets are provided for easy understanding and analysis. The multi-window interface allows easy data correlation. The system can be configured to pick up relevant data from other databases like well construction data or production related data. Data loaders allow bulk data capture and export wizards provide simple options for data extraction in any required format.


  • Well Proposal
  • Completion Proposal
  • Workover Proposal
  • Well Data Management
  • Well File Documents Management

Well Proposal

Well Proposal Module is to manage and streamline the various activities involved in Well Delivery process workflow. It helps to simplify and harmonize the creation, generation and approval of Well Pick and Proposal documents. One of the key objective of the tool is to generate the document with standardized contents and formats. It is designed to simplify teams’ efforts and faster delivery of proposal document by offering a consistent workflow.


  • Standard and streamlined workflow and documents.
  • Integrated with Well Data Management Module which brings the capability of data correlation and enables easy access to existing wells’ data.
  • Inbuilt Well file Document Management System.
  • Eliminate data redundancy, data loss and confusions by proving single data repository.
  • User can refer or reuse proposals very easily which are already created in the system by copying from other wells as section wise, partially or completely.
  • Intelligent Dashboard helps discipline heads, team leads and individuals to track and monitor their wells in planning. Accordingly, he/she will be able to schedule various tasks.
  • Web based application enables easy access to the system to all employees throughout the organisation according to the privileges granted and multiple staffs can work on same proposal simultaneously.
Completion Proposal

iCDMS helps to draft & prepare Completion document by facilitating automated workflows and data repository. The system is capable to manage all types of well completions like, Open Hole Completions, Liner Completion, Perforated Casing Completions etc. It offers faster delivery of document by pulling and integrating data from various external data repository. Subsurface and Well Engineers can contribute to their concerned sections by using intuitive and easy to use interface.

  • Well Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Petrophyscist
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Production Technologist
Workover Proposal

The key objective of this module is to track and manage the workflow associated with the preparation of Workover proposal document. The system has a capability to generate proposal for all types of well services and Workover activities like Abandonment, Add new perforations interval, Change completion type, Cased Hole Logging, Fracing, Well Integrity Test, Logging/BHP Survey, Pump Replacement etc. By linking and pulling data from other external Well Engineering & Production databases, the tool minimize the human effort, simplifies proposal creation and offers error free data.

Well Data Management

iCDMS data management mainly focus on subsurface portfolio by providing various option for data loading , viewing , sharing and exporting. Data presents as graphs, charts and pictures for easy understanding, analysis, interpretation and correlations. System has a capability to pull and push data to external systems via web services, APIs and database objects. iCDMS can be integrated with ESRI map and almost all data sets can be plotted and queried on the map. Documents can be associated with each set of data which brings the ability to access and view concerned/supporting well files.

Well File Documents Management

iCDMS provides the ability to store and associate documents to a field, well, wellbores, reservoir and other entities within the corporate database. This helps users to quickly find all associated data to a specific well or area of interest. iCDMS offers following capabilities for managing well files:

  • Manage structured and unstructured documents.
  • Index documents automatically, interactively or in batches to create relationship with entities.
  • Associate physical inventory (paper or film) to proper wells through bar-coding and indexing
  • Link to existing document management systems such as LiveDocServer, Live link, SharePoint, Documentum etc.

The Mobile Version of Well Dashboard

As the use of handheld devices have become widespread, it is imperative to have the ability to be able to pull, push and analyse data using them. This MobiWell addresses this need and makes data available in an easy to use format in handheld devices. It makes it possible for users to browse, display and update data while they are away from their office cabins-like during meeting, while visiting labs or core sheds etc. The app has charts and graphs where ever required to further illustrate the associated data. It helps to reduce human efforts and also offers minimal data errors and human mistakes . Push Notification can be used to broadcast news, info and events to the user community by selecting an individual or group of users.

Data sets

  • Well Header
  • Well Schematic
  • Well Map
  • Well Tests
  • Directional Survey
  • Wellbore Picks
  • Production Trend
  • Core Header
  • Core Sample
  • Core Scanner

Well Dashboard

An Integrated Viewer for Datasets Associated to a Well

Well Dashboard offers a simple view into all the data associated with a single well. It summarizes the data associated with the various data types for a well and presents them in an integrated interface. Usually, these data are available in different applications/spreadsheets. This integrated interface allows for analysis of the data by associating different data types and helps the user make informed decisions. Some of the data are presented as charts for easy analysis. The Dashboard can also be linked to external documents.

Data sets

  • Well Header
  • Well Status
  • Well Ownership History
  • Operator Company History
  • Well Location list and Map
  • Field Details
  • Bottom Hole Pressure
  • Wellbore Header
  • Technical Status
  • Mudlosses
  • Deviation Survey
  • RFT Data
  • Wellbore Picks
  • Core Header and Details
  • Core Images
  • Core Sample List
  • Facility
  • Production String

Compare Data Between Multiple Databases in a Single Query

This is an easy-to-use Query tool which was designed keeping in mind that all the users may not be technically oriented. It allows querying any Oracle database. eQuery can handle multiple databases at the same time, i.e. you can compare data between multiple databases in a single query. It can also be plugged in to read SQL queries saved in external databases and execute them.